Tuesday, March 16, 2004


A special queasiness sets in when, in rapid succession, innocents are murdered and maimed by the hundreds and thousands, the brew of European anti-Americanism and craveness kicks in, and (as represented by this morning's LA Times lead editorial) we are told once again that its all our own fault. Go with the UN and the "international community" (of oil-for-food corruption and sham fame), treat it all like a law enforcement matter, and they will leave us alone.

This was the view in 1939, through much of the Cold War, and (in some quarters) after 9/11. University "teach-ins" were held to let us know that we are the real culprits.

This goes much deeper than I can fathom. Many people cannot unlink prosperity from shame. If we live well, we must be doing something wrong. Zero-sum is a deeply held and widespread view.