Thursday, December 29, 2005

What's not to like?

From "Bye-Bye, Kyoto" (Forbes, January 9, 2006):

"... The Kyoto rules say that western Europe must get their emissions to a level 8% below those prevailing in 1990. But virtually all those countries -- the only significant exception is Germany -- are going in the wrong direction. The latest available data, covering emissions through 2003, tell us that in the years since the treaty was negotiated, carbon dioxide levels have increased by 7% in France, 11% in Italy and 29% in Spain. The increase for western Europe as a whole was 5.4%.

"After many years of European chatter about the monstrous evil perpetrated by George W. Bush in rejecting Kyoto, it is of possible interest that the increase in carbon emissions in the U.S. during those years was slightly lower (4.7%)."

I know very little of the science involved but have read enough to know that climate change is complex and that there are competing views. But I do know that all the doomsday forecasts ever made have been wrong.

And I know am wary of social engineering. And double that if it comes to us via the "international community".

Add insufferable green/left/European preening and fretting and what's not to like about the quote?