Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Help is on the way

Those of us who teach introductory economics are always sifting through all the new products that regularly become available. Some years ago, I was smitted by Paul Heyne's The Economic Way Thinking -- which is now in its 11th editon, by Heyne, Boettke and Prytchitko after Paul's untimely passing.

I have just discovered Arnold Kling's Learning Economics. How could I have missed something so wonderful? It will now appear on my various syllabi, right next to HBP.

Grad students from various disciplines who have wandered into my classrooms have been challenged by Heyne. They will undoubtdely be challenged by Kling. The challenge from both books is not via obfuscation but the opposite. They make ideas so clear and so pointed that they engage readers who might not be disposed to agreeing with them. What could be better?

In Hollywood, they think that Oscar-winner Crash describes the world. Good that we have incisive writers who have a shot at penetrating even the thickest skulls.