Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Just read it

Reports of poor quarterly productivity growth came out today. But who believes this? First, we all have eyes and can easily spot new and better products at lower prices (think cameras, digital music, anything electronic). Second, if you require a reminder, have a look at Chris Anderson's The Long Tail: How endless choice is creating unlimited demand.

I thought that I knew all about the long tail (it's very many niches and not just a few hits anymore) but there is much more to it and Anderson assembles and tells it beautifully.

"The secret to creating a Long Tail business can be summarized in two imperatives: 1. Make everything available. 2. Help me find it." (p. 216)

Amazon, Netflix, eBay, iTunes, and many others must do both. Along the way, the winners develop "hyper-efficient supply chains." And much more. The author shows that few parts of our lives are not impacted -- for the better. Just read it.