Thursday, February 07, 2008

Who's counting?

Well done video posts on topical issues are a thing to behold. John Stossel's work on network TV has provided some relief from the normal CBS-NBC-ABC-CNN echo chamber. Now the people at Reason.TV give us the Drew Carey Project, which I am happy to link to (blogroll on the left of this post). Seven well done spots on topical issues are already available (see their archive). They are emailable to your broadband friends.

They are especially useful in this election year when the dumb ideas are piling up fast. There is nothing quite like a "stimulus package" in an election year. Both parties are on board. But look at the difference between the House and Senate versions. The latter is a preview of what Democrat rule will be like. It's time at the trough for every identifiable group in the coalition. Call it Keynesian stimulus; call it turtle soup; call it national debt. Who's counting?