Friday, April 25, 2008

War on drugs

A good colleague is writing an op-ed trying to get the candidates to do a better job of addressing domestic and urban issues. I replied that the politicians are better at creating problems than addressing them. Schools, housing, health care, transportation and others suffer from too much political attention.

I had left out a discussion of the War on Drugs. The folly and the costs are well known. But this morning's USA Today includes "Drug cartels in Mexico put up 'help wanted' ads ... Fliers, banners urge soldiers to defect for good pay, free cars, better food." The photo that goes with the story is all you need. Have a look. Somewhere in Reynosa, Mexico, a truck full of Mexican soldiers is passing under a bridge. A huge banner hung over a freeway pass reads "The Zetas operations group wants you, soldier or ex-soldier. We offer you a good slary, food and attention for your family. Don't suffer hunger and abuse any more."

The accompanying story mentions that the cell phone number on the banner was soon disconnected and the banner taken down.

Put a richer country next to a poorer on and there will be migration. Add a War on Drugs and there will also be drug smuggling.