Saturday, January 17, 2009

On the way to the Super Bowl/Super Trough

Many have noted that three of the four NFL play-off teams have logos that involve birds. But, writing in today's WSJ, Jerry Bowyer ("Sports Mania Is a Poor Substitute for Economic Success ... There's a reason so many Steeler fans have left Pittsburgh.") notes that three of the four (not the same three) have benefited from taxpayer financed stadia, strategically placed in those cities' downtowns. And whereas the teams are doing well, the downtowns are not.

"Maybe America should take a look at Baltimore, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh before getting behind Mr. Obama's plan to use public-works projects to lead us out of economic morass."

Revitalization, renewal, regeneration are all euphemisms for industrial policy. And when it comes to industrial policy, there is no science. There is only politics.