Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another modest health care proposal

Congress' approval ratings are low but incumbents keep being re-elected. School voucher plans are often defeated because voters may find fault with how public schools are run, but they happen to like their local neighborhood school.

Now John Lott reports that most Americans like their own health care but have concerns over the U.S. health care "system". Read the paper for many other tidbits. Here is one:

... only 2.3 percent of Americans are both uninsured and very dissatisfied with the
health care they receive ...

The plot thickens.

Prof Charles Lave once calculated that giving all car-less Americans a small auto would cost less than what we spend subsidizing public transit. Would it also be cheapest to offer all of the uninsured-and-very-dissatisfied all-expense-paid travel to Canada for health care on a referral basis? The large number of Americans who like what they have get to keep it. Others would have the option of Canadian care straight from the source.