Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fixes and failures

As transactions costs come down, we do more transacting.  Last week, experiencing great NY weather and walking around Manhattan with two of my favorite ladies, I was made aware of the SitOrSquat iPhone app.  Today's NY Times includes "Need a Free Parking Spot? For $5, He'll Find You One" (print version).  Here's how the other great need is addressed:
Standing outside 477 Amsterdam Avenue one morning last week, we posted a query to see what spots were available nearby. Nothing at that instant, but someone had informed StreetParkNYC that in 20 minutes he would be leaving a spot 0.15 miles away. Getting the exact address costs $5, which we clicked to pay. Then we headed off, to 177 West 88th Street.

Just as promised, at 10:30 a.m., a fellow named Josh Fein got in his 2009 Black Acura MDX and drove off. He got $3 in his StreetParkNYC account, and we got a spot until the next morning. We tried twice more, with similar results: nothing perfect or immediate, but something, eventually, in the neighborhood.
Not just markets in everything, but two more cases of tech and entrepreneurialism lending a hand where the Great Big City's policy makers had failed.