Saturday, August 28, 2010

Neurotic? So what?

Dan Neil writes about the new all-electric Nissan Leaf in today's WSJ and gives it a thumbs-up. He mentions the 100-mile range and "range anxiety", but dismisses that as "neurotic."

Perhaps, but that is no reason to bet that range anxiety will not get in the way of sales. Behavioral economists and Dan Neil and the entire mental health field may shudder at the neuroses of the buying public, but to dismiss them lightly is another matter.

Speaking of looking back on one's forecasts, Megan McArdle has this very nice "I Wuz Wrong" post. In the Internet age, it's best to get out in front and admit to one's forecasting errors before the rest of the world does it for you.

I'll have to give it more than one year, but if I'm still blogging in (say) three years, I will return to the range-anxiety story and fess up to whether "I wuz wrong" or not.