Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Three ways to better public policy

Which is worse, U.S. immigration policy or the way we finance our highway system?  Both are addressed via sensible op-eds in today's LA Times.

Peter Schuck writes about immigration policy and suggests rational reforms.  In light of the tremendous value of a green card to the U.S., auction them.  Let employers identify talent whatever and wherever it may be and allow them (or anyone, any group) to bid.  If we must have an immigration policy, then base it on market mechanisms.

Lisa Schweitzer (my colleague at USC) writes about privatizing infrastructure.  This addresses several problems, including the sorry state of much of our highways and the politicized administration and provision of most infrastructure.  Schweitzer notes that letting facilities continue to run down simply pushes down their market value.

Third, the WSJ editorialized the other day on their backing of soccer star Abby Wambach ("She's a header above anyone else") for U.S. President.

I am reading Morgenson-Rosner on Reckless Endangerment and eager for relief, including policies and people that I can get behind.