Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bill or Rights week

It is Bill of Rights week.  A good time to link to the WSJ's "Federal Police Ranks Swell to Enforce A Widening Array of Criminal Laws."  As there are ever more regs, there are ever more guys with badges and guns.  It's inevitable that bad things will happen and the report documents a few of them.

Bill Frezza in Forbes writes about "Watching The Wheels Coming Off the Green Machine."  This does not quite measure up to violating the due process rights of citizens, but forcibly taking their money and channeling it to cronies in the name of "sustainability" and "jobs" also illustrates how we have trashed the Bill of Rights (see 10th amendment).

Personal freedoms as well as economic freedoms have been lost.  There is very little difference.  It is the same slippery slope.