Monday, November 05, 2012

No relief in sight

Today's WSJ includes "Health Law Spurs Shift in Hours ... Some Low-Wage Employers Seek to Avoid Overhaul's Insurance Requirements With More Part-Timers."

There are countless examples like this. The law of supply and demand takes no prisoners. But most people like to see themselves as compassionate. Both of the major presidential candidates are eager to make the case that they believe.  One recent president was more than clear:  "I feel your pain."

Jonathan Haidt reports that the "care and fairness" values are most prominently weighted by those on the political left (where Haidt writes he is most at home).  This is powerful stuff.  Never mind that coerced compassion is often involved.  Never mind that the "compassionate" policies often backfire.  Feeling good about oneself comes first.

Some are glad that the political campaign ends tomorrow.  But it does not. The compassion derby never stops.