Thursday, February 14, 2013

V-Day love

I am a big fan of modernity and tech.  But there are no unmixed blessings.  There are great robotics and amazing algorithms but there are also stupid ones.  The dummest algorithms are the ones that run the voice-mails we too often get stuck in.  I also wonder about the people who run, manage, install these.  (While I'm ranting, the humans that we are usually directed to if/when we are, are often no better.)

But laughing beats crying.  This morning we are treated to news of Amazon's discovery of America's most romantic city.  Relying on their Big Data, they reveal that it is Knoxville.  Here is the LA Times report where I found the news.

The fun never stops.  When you click on the link, the Times' algorithm sends you to the right story but with the name of the wrong columnist attached -- unless they will have gotten the news and fixed it.

I was wrong, but read it anyway.
On Valentine's Day, you gotta love tech.