Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Off topic: Three recent films

Here are three excellent films that cover the same theme. How do the children of monstrous parents make their way in the world?  Lore is fiction. Inheritance and Hitler's Children are documentaries.  All three cover the same ground and all three are chilling in their own way.

We have trouble understanding evil. We have trouble understanding advanced and seemingly enlightened societies (in this case 20th-century Germany and friends) marching into the abyss.  The educated middle classes caved.

The three movies are about the children and grandchildren of perpetrators who encounter an added difficulty: they decide that they cannot follow the injunction to honor father and mother.

But in all three films, notably the two documentaries, we also see that bad people can have decent offspring.

There are many very bad movies about historical events.  These three are very good.