Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cosmos and Taxis

David Andersson introduces us to a new journal, Cosmos and Taxis.  The lead essay in the linked issue is by Gus diZerega and lays some of the groundwork, introducing readers to the various themes to be developed.  These include spontaneous orders and spontaneous networks.  The latter includes Jane Jacobs' insights into how cities work: "At a time when many believed cities could be planned and reorganized through directives chosen by experts ... Jacobs argues that cities are too complex to respond predictably to such planning ..."  Read the whole thing.

Johanna Palmberg elaborates the story in another essay. Note that she elaborates the urban agglomeration theme of the spontaneous co-location of complementary firms (as they judge the complementarity and as they see fit).  I have previously stressed the co-location of households and firms -- as workers and their employers behave strategically and also as retailers and shoppers do the same.  Households produce and consume knowledge and can be treated as "firms" in this context.