Monday, September 22, 2014

Shout it

Here is the announcement of David Andersson and Stefano Moroni's edited volume Cities and Private Planning.  It includes a chapter by Wendell Cox and myself.  Look at the TOC to find many of your other favorites.

There are many types of planning; I often refer to bottom-up and top-down. Both are, of course, always in play. Identifying the proper division of labor is an interesting problem. When it comes to cities, it is a hugely interesting problem. Nevertheless, city planning is widely presumed to be a top-down activity. When I talk to reporters, they usually begin with the cliche that Los Angeles being "unplanned" how can such a thing not spin into a dystopian nightmare. Other think we are already there.

A related problem has to do with the failure of economists to clarify their central theme; markets are important because they coordinate an uncountable number of private plans. This also describes how cities work. Read the book; shout it from the rooftops.