Monday, December 01, 2014

Los Angeles

I want to re-post what Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox say about LA traffic and transportation.  Read it. They are, of course, correct in their analysis.  Trouble is that this message has been falling on deaf ears for as long as I can remember.  Billions have been wasted on rail transit in LA and transit ridership remains stuck, very low considering the large low-income immigrant populations in the area. Kotkin and Cox explain that we are not and will never be another NYC.

But the mantra of public officials and the LA Times and other local worthies is that we "need" more funding to fix local infrastructure and you-name-it.  Why in the world would new money be spent more wisely than what has already been thrown away?  Because the same folks would do the deciding (and "analyzing") and spending.  High-profile projects will come before common sense projects. So there never can or will be "enough" money.