Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Smart Planning

Here is the new LA Mobility Plan -- and LA Times coverage. Here is yesterday's L.A. Times report that some of the nation's worst traffic bottlenecks are in the LA area. A case can be made that the two are not from the same universe.

Here are 2010-2014 commuting trends by mode. One day it may dawn on planners and politicians (and their friends) that most people like their cars. If that day ever arrives, then accommodating to autos via a clever blend of facility expansion and management will be seen as the best policy.  Reason's Mobility Plan just released hits nail on head in this regard.  (Full disclosure: I read and commented on early drafts).

What is to be done. Don Shoup has hit on the obvious (but not obvious until someone points it out).  Return some of the parking as well as time-of-day pricing road toll revenues to the locals -- and watch them line up as advocates for the policy.

Serious transportation planning as well as the political implementation are within our reach. What else? Call it "Smart Planning."