Saturday, March 26, 2016


Andy Puzder writes about "Why Restaurant Automation is on the Menu."  Here is more (H/T MR). More now seen in Sweden but probably coming your way (H/T Craig Newmark)

Just in time for the next pronouncement that minimum wage hikes have no costs. Here is Hillary Clinton's latest (H/T Craig Newmark). The panderers will swear that the moon is made of blue cheese -- if it would get votes.

I thoroughly enjoyed Robert Gordon's (no relation) The Rise and Fall of American Growth.  He likes the years 1870-1940 best. This the period when Americans' consumption opportunities (health, transportation, entertainment, labor-saving devices in the home and the factory, etc). expanded as never before. Gordon suggests that many of these were one-time leaps and are unlikely to be repeated.

Who can tell? We do know that tech will get better and opportunities to substitute for low-skilled labor will only grow. Are politics and technology accelerating away from each other? It's a scary thought. The irony is that the people who talk this way insist that they are put on this Earth to "help people" -- and mostly to "help" the less fortunate. Also scary.


Here they are.