Monday, June 27, 2016

Many ifs

I think it was Arnold Kling (I cannot find the post right now) who noted that one can only have any two of the following three: privacy, security, immigration. In that case, he says, he'll surrender privacy. Perhaps we lost privacy long ago anyway. So it's simpler than we think.

Not really. Brexit and Trump (it can happen here) suggest it's more complicated. Immigration can have a nasty populist backlash. This is why the immigration policy (actually non-policy) default status quo now in effect in the US is such a disaster. We must find orderly ways to expand the talent pool. Not simple. Quotas must be lifted. Applicants most be screened, scored and vetted. Are we (our political class and our civil service) up to it? Knock some heads? Is there another LBJ in the wings?

I still expect the Trump and Hillary negatives to pile up. Johnson-Weld could win a small state or two. The election could go to the House of Reps. They might select an adult. Many ifs.