Sunday, April 19, 2020

Covid 19 in Santa Monica and Sweden

Palisades Park in Santa Monica has long been my favorite weekend escape. Many others feel the same way. It is a pleasant place for walks, picnics, exercise and much more. Some weeks ago, the City authorities posted Closure signs that no one took seriously. People kept on enjoying and the cops patrolled with loudspeakers. That failed. Now, the whole thing is fenced off. Why? Keeping a safe distance in this place is easy.

Santa Monica's rulers are left-wing and presumably admirers of Swedish policies. But they could not be further apart. The Swedes seemingly rely on the good judgment of their citizens to be prudent in public. But that is not the way in Santa Monica. Seemingly, it is the good judgment of the City's leaders that is missing.

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Report from Sweden.

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Second image is a 5-minute walk from fenced off Ocean Ave. People are hard to control.