Tuesday, February 10, 2004

One of my most jarring reading experiences was Peter Landesman's "Sex Slaves on Main Street" in the NY Times Magazine (Jan. 25). His depiction of the international sex slave trade reinforces all of the doubts about humanity that we try not to think about. Young (very young) girls are kidnapped and/or given up by families and condemned to a life of horror. Letters from readers (Feb. 8) echoed their disgust and dismay. Many added that in this case, they felt powerless to "do something." Yet, there are, seemingly, groups that are doing something. Have a look at www.roomtoread.org or www.thailife.de/wecare/depdc/depdc_help.html or www.licadho.org/donation/donation.php or www.streetfriends.org.
Often, a few dollars are enough to buy a young girl a uniform so that she can attend school, get off the streets, and have a chance. Lack of a uniform keeps many out of school. There are many good causes in the world. This one has to be near the top.