Monday, February 16, 2004

The protectionists (anti-globalists seems to be the up-to-date appellation) may have the upper hand this election year. "U.S. Firms Lament Cutback in Visas for Foreign Talent ... Companies say too few in U.S. have the needed math and science skills. Critics claim the H1-B program is misused," reports this morning's LA Times. The same edition cites recent findings by USC colleague Dowell Myers, that, "Latinos are experiencing a degree of upward mobility not previously detected by demographers." The upward mobility story has always been the one that is most significant and auspicious. And most people combine geographic with social and economic mobility. Yet, politicians are typically not equipped to take the long view. We have to muddle through in spite of their input. It's a wonder that we are as prosperous as we are.