Sunday, May 09, 2004

Tough Mom Needed

The NY Times comments on Mercedes' slip in quality rankings, along with the same occurring for other German classic brands. The story also remarks that new EU rules may nix the Made in Germany label, in favor of the new Made in the EU. Economic integration may be a good idea but the EU example presents problems -- including an ugly currency replacing some much more intriguing designs.

The Economist also chimes in with respect to Germany's economic problems and the slow pace of labor market reforms. Writing about an important reform commission: " ... The Hartz Commission, established to reform the labour market and create new jobs, has sociologists on board but not a single economist."

Economists aside, is there a Margaret Thatcher in Germany's future? It took a very tough lady to change Great Britain's course. Germany's troubles require no less. Mother's Day is a good time to start the search

Postscript to yesterday's blog. Anna Schwartz adds that an important part of the story is Friedman's steady work as a popularizer of important ideas.