Monday, June 14, 2004


Where do I line up to claim just $1 for every printed discussion of equitable distributions that focuses on statics and eschews the good news that comes from a dynamic analysis?

Donald Krueckeberg, writing in Housing Policy Debate ("The Lessons of John Locke or Hernando de Soto: What if Your Dreams Come True?"), offers an interesting summary of the Locke-deSoto position but worries that, "This theory lacks any criteria governing equity, limits, and balance." And (you guessed it) more homeownership in the U.S, would contribute to more, "urban sprawl and its inefficiency, waste, individual excesses and inequity in access to employment." (I have to quickly pull out David Brooks' "On Paradise Drive" if I want to balance the gloom that quotes like this bring on.)

Going back to yesterday's post, how is it that most Americans retain any optimisim? Are they fools? Or is Krueckeberg and company's focus on statics just plain misleading?