Sunday, July 18, 2004

Taking Some Money Out of Politics

Here are two items from the same section of the same edition of the LA Times that really do go together.
"Rail Project Will Not Go Before Voters ... O.C. transit officials say Center Line project from central Santa Ana to John Wayne Airport would have died if the electorate rejected it ... Miguel A. Pulido, a supporter of the rail line, led the opposition, arguing that a ballot measure would be an unwise gamble because voters would probably reject the project ... He suggested that voters who would not benefit from Center Line ... might not appreciate its value and vote against it."
And nearby:  "'Gov. Criticizes Legislators as 'Girlie-Men'  ... he urges voters to 'terminate' at the polls those lawmakers who refuse to approve his state budget plan."
Arnold Schwarzenegger has earned serious credibility when it comes to State ballot initiative and referendum measures.  Just a few days ago he threatened to back a measure that would reduce legislators to part-timers.
Now that's real campaign finance reform that would go some way to "taking the money out of politics."