Wednesday, September 29, 2004

No-Fault Transit Planning

Having spent $300-million per mile to build LA's rump Red Line, LA's leaders now want to spend another billion dollars to extend it. Council Backs Expansion of Red Line ... The officials agree that 'congestion has reached a breaking point' and support building the subway system westward .."

This is all getting tedious but silence in the face of craziness is not an option. The Red Line ridership forecast (Segment 1 and 2) made in the official 1983 EIR was for 376,000 daily boardings. The actual FY 2003 daily boardings for these segments was 95,100 (thanks, Tom Rubin).

Of course, $300-million per mile to build (and many more millions to operate since then) was not part of the 1983 vision.

Finally, the impact of the project on congestion reduction is nonexistant.

This is all old news -- except to the folks ready to move forward. Yesterday's LA City Council vote to start pushing was unanimous.