Saturday, November 20, 2004

Down Under

The Aussies eat their national animal but (surprisingly) sparingly. Kangaroos are abundant, breed like rabbits and are not about to become extinct. Tastes great and looks to be a sustainable diet.

The press and people one encounters in NZ and Australia are rabidly anti-American foreign policy; smart people embrace the craziest consiparcy theories (e.g., Bush and Powell conned the world for private "corporate" gain).

The Sydney monorail is nothing but a tourist trincket. The good news is that it is not an eyesore.

"Australian Idol" is very big. Bigger than anything I ever noticed about American Idol. I saw fireworks over Sydney's harbor -- on TV, Millenium midnight -- and again last night in person, as part of celebrations of the local taping of the latest episode. Politicians are eager to be seen with local contestants and the doings are front-page news in Sydney every day that I have been here.

Who knew?