Friday, December 31, 2004

"Blame The New Yorker"

In last Sunday's NY Times Book Review, Walter Kirn wrote a review of The New Yorker's recently published collection of cartoons and titled it "Blame The New Yorker". He sought connections between high-brow attitudes, as revealed in "The Complete Cartoons of The New Yorker", and the post-election disconnect that some (some) of these folks now experience. Kirn made many good points but I doubt that they will impress his audience.

Right on schedule, this week's New Yorker contains a review of Jared Diamond's new book, "Collapse", a book that I have not yet read. Reviewer Malcolm Gladwell recounts Diamond's explanations for the decline of the Norse in Greenland, the Easter Islanders, and others. The common story appears to be that they managed "the land" poorly.

This brings Gladwell to a condemnation of Oregon voters for endorsing Measure 37. In Gladwell's view, enforcing property rights is no way to manage the land. Gladwell is a New Yorker staff writer.

Thank you, Walter Kirn.