Friday, March 11, 2005

Political gridlock

Today's lead editorial in the WSJ ("The Gerrymander Gauntlet" -- link only works for subscribers) lauds Gov. Schwarzenegger's effort to get Californians to stand up to the political class. "California lawmakers are so adept at designing their own districts that of the 153 seats -- 80 Assembly, 20 state Senate, 53 Congressional -- theoretically up for grabs last November, not a single one switched parties."

The article includes a map that shows Rep. Lois Capps' district which hugs the California coastline, from Oxnard in the south to Monterey county in the north, 200 miles long. One presumes that Capps and her staffers reach out and touch her constituents but relying on hybrid vehicle technology only.

Both parties are complicit, as are their enablers, who like nothing better than an entrenched political class that takes care of business and overcomes "political gridlock".