Thursday, March 24, 2005

Vibrant places

Whether it is Richard Florida's "Creative Class" or Joel Kotkin's "Nerdistans" or David Brooks' "Patio Man", there is no question that evolving lifestyles beget new neighborhood types. As with all else new, these can be mixed blessings.

Tom Kirkendall sent the pointer that the NY Times has discovered "Vibrant Cities Find One Thing Missing: Children". A prominent former President might even point out that it depends on the meaning of "vibrant."

"Portland is a great city that attracts a lot of educated people," the article quotes one resident. "But the real estate is becoming outrageously expensive. And then you get wealthy singles and wealthy retirees. What's missing are kids. And that feels really sterile to me."

"Sex and the City" is also vibrant. Fun for a short visit but few would want to live (it) there for any length of time. The Times piece focuses on the Pearl District of Portland. Portland boosters have taken to calling their city "The Intentional City". The Law of Unintended Consequences, however, remains in play.