Saturday, April 16, 2005

Home schooling and the alternatives

Over a million kids are now being home-schooled throughout the U.S. Many parents have discovered that they can do better than send their kids to the abysmal public schools found in too many cities of the U.S.

Susan Wise Bauer writes in The Well-Trained Mind:

"But I was nervous when I went away to college. Although I'd done well on standardized exams, I'd never really sat in a regular classroom, facing inflexible deadlines. I was used to taking tests from my mother."

"I shouldn't have worried. I tested out of thirty hours' worth of college courses; by my second semester, I was taking 400-level courses. I had host of strange skills: I could diagram sentences; I could read Latin; I knew enough logic to tell whether an assertion was true or faulty. And I was surrounded by 18-year olds who couldn't write, didn't want to read, and couldn't reason."

I have encountered thousands of undergrads over the years who are pretty much as Wise describes. International comparisons reveal that U.S. students fall further behind, the longer they attend the public school system. They are victims of a system run by and for a politicized and unionized cadre responsible for the foremost social and economic problem of our time.