Sunday, October 30, 2005

Smart bloopers

There are opinions held and opinions upheld. The zero-sum view of the world is an opinion held with uncanny consistency by those whom Tom Sowell so aptly calls "the anointed".

In the "smart growth" view, cities suffer because their suburbs thrive. Yet, Jordan Rappaport finds that strong trading partners are a good thing. His "The Shared Fortunes of Cities and Suburbs" lays out evidence.

Today's NY Times Magazine includes reader Letters in response to a recent story about Toll Brothers developers. The writer notes that,
"[t]hey gobble up land, they gobble up energy, and, oh yeah, they gobble up money, and it has made them very rich ... but what about offering consumers real choices?"

Count the Econ 101 bloopers. For concise writers, an index such as bloopers per word may have to be applied.