Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The social responsibility of CEOs to choose their cars sensitively and without signaling corporate arrogance

The October 2005 Reason featured a wonderful discussion on "The Social Responsibility of Business". Milton Friedman, John Mackey and T.J. Rodgers each made very good points.

That was the fun stuff. Back to reality. Today's LA Times includes a piece that lists the cars recommended for CEOs.

"'People watch CEOs and are critical if they are arrogant and insensitive to others around them,' said Bill Holstein, editor in chief of Chief Executive, in explaining the choices of the October issue.

"Holstein teamed with folks from, an automotive website, to determine vehicles that are neither signs of arrogance or insensitivity."

Corporations are a great social innovation when it comes to accumulating and guiding capital. But pace Friedman and Rodgers, corporate image matters in ever more complex ways.