Saturday, September 06, 2008

An old story

Technological change is here to stay and probably accelerating, as we speak. These are truisms. The Economist (Sep. 6, 2008) includes "The road ahead ... The world's carmakers have mapped out their route to a greener future."

Whether it is prompted by prices, regulators or popular sentiment, progess towards lower emissions is a sure bet. This is the reason to part company with the Gore-Kyoto climate change alarmists.

It's an old story, but it bears repeating. I have no idea how strongly Sarah Palin holds creationist ideas. If she does, I fault her for that. Assume that a creationist occupies the Oval Office (perhaps that's already happened). Think about the possible harm. Now think about all the sophisticates on the left who are protectionists and/or modern-day Luddites. They want to run the economy (perhaps into the ground) based on climate change fears that assume today's energy technology will persist into the indefinite future. How harmful is that?

Finally, ignorance of any flavor is unattractive. But the one that postures as elite sophistication is the least attractive.