Friday, February 27, 2009

"Trickle up"?

I have never liked label "trickle down" for two reasons. It suggests that policy must take sides in class warfare skirmishes -- that should not even be. In a second-best world, is overlooks the idea that some are more promising than others in terms of their entreperenurial discovery contributions.

This morning's WSJ labels the Obama budget proposal as "trickle up". If such a label were ever to be warranted, the budget and the policy would come down forcefully on the idea that it is immoral and counter-productive to force the poorest among us to attend the worst schools from monopoly school districts.

How can the smart people that are all about "change" and "equity" sleep at night as long as they maintain this status quo? How can they moan about increasing inequality when they are foursquare aligned with a policy that denies the worst off a chance to learn?

These are old stories, but they bear repeating every time that we repeat this charade.