Friday, June 04, 2010

Good news, bad news

Today's WSJ reports that "Intermarriage Rate in 2008 Hits New High". This is good news because tribalism has outlived any usefulness and often turns ugly. In fact political scoundrels around the world and through recorded history have used it for their own advantage. The separation of race and state should be high on anyone's list of priorities.

I have seen no data that compares intermarriage rates for countries with mixed populations. My guess is that the U.S. would rank high if not first -- if such a cross-country comparison could be done. And if there is any discussion of American exceptionalism, then include this accomplishment.

It is nothing but atavistic when U.S. politicians (and others) embrace identity politics. But with enough intermarriage, this ploy may be on the way out.


Here is the view of the tone-deaf, who only want to know with which group the offspring of mixed marriages will identify/vote with.