Saturday, June 19, 2010

No one embarrassed

The WSJ's Laura Saunders writes that Roth IRAs may be eventually be taxed. Governments "need" the money.

I have a much better idea. Tax all conspiracy allegations. Here are two places to send the tax collector.

This morning, NPR included an interview with Dan Schorr in which he patiently explained to Scott Simon that we, after 40 years of talk, are still "addicted to oil" because various moneyed interests want it that way. Not a shred or even a mention of evidence-shmevidence.

Same thing last night on the PBS Evening News, when Jeffrey Brown interviewed Daniel Weiss and Kenneth Green on energy policy. Daniel Weiss floated the same conspiracy idea.

Ken Green had a witty retort. But just like high-brow-NPR, high-brow-PBS goes with the flow and accepts conspiracy-silliness-with-no-evidence because it goes down well. No one is embarrassed.