Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Conscience of an economist

I am a great fan of Russ Roberts' econtalk (link at econtalk.comorg; printed text of podcasts also posted). I actually look forward to Mondays when the new ones are posted.

This week's discussion is with Ariel Rubinstein and begins with his views of game theory.  He is a prominent contributor and a skeptic.  Rubinstein and Roberts then focus on the limits of economics and especially behavioral economics and also on widespread tendencies towards scientism.

The discussion is wise and refreshing, prompting listerners to work towards a sense of perspective, especially with respect to their own work.

Sad to say, perspective cannot be bottled, but listening to discussions by wise folks is very helpful.  Rubinstein even notes that he is not shy about spilling the beans to eager young students.