Sunday, April 24, 2011

Work to do

Peggy Noonan writes about "What the World Sees in America ... It's not all something to be proud of. ... We have work to do at home, on our culture and our country."  Read the whole thing.  She writes about grafitti and unfriendly public places as well as some of the garbage on TV that enthralls millions.  I like the U.S. probably as much as Noonan does, but she has a point when she itemizes the coarse aspects of our culture. 

Visiting some of Shanghai's neighborhoods.  Some very old ones are "gated" in a very informal sense.  I found that perfect strangers are welcome.  I visited a very poor neighborhood and felt very safe.  I wish it were so in my home country. 

Trouble is that I have no idea what Noonan has in mind re "work to do at home."  Does anyone?