Saturday, March 29, 2014

Signs of hope and disappointments

Everyone wants to believe in the Mandela-inspired optimism for South Africa. Yesterday we visited Kliptown in Soweto. The poverty is heart-breaking but the people are seemingly friendly to visitors. The Kliptown Youth Program was a bright spot, engaging the very young in computer-based learning as well as song and dance.

One of our touring group asked about funding and the guide mentioned it is all private. The guide did not know why there was no government support.

This morning's South Africa Times reported "Politicians want free flights for 10 years after they retire." The Sunday Independent reported "The ANC's tops brass have all but absolved President Jacob Zuma of any wrongdoing in the 246 million Rand [$25 million] upgrade of his Nkandla residence ..." Otherwise, it's all about the Oscar Pistorius trial.