Thursday, March 06, 2014

Let the people choose

This has been mentioned many times but it is bizarre and bears repeating.  Many on the left profess to worry over inequality and the plight of the poor.  Yet, many like the "progressive" NYC mayor insist that some of the poorest send their kids to the worst schools.

The votes and support of the education establishment are the ticket to office and that is that. Del Blasio is not alone.  Most erstwhile civil rights champions are AWOL on school choice. Look at the video.  But there is also NY Gov Cuomo breaking ranks with many on his side. Del Blasio and Cuomo depend on essentially the same political coalition so it will be more than interesting to see what the consequences of their positions will be.

Schools will only improve if there is innovation.  There will only be innovation if there is choice and competition. The establishment of education technocrats think that they know a thing or two about educating but they have had their chance and they have failed.  Malfeasance and arrogance have very serious costs that are foisted on the poorest.   

Finally, here is also the simple but profound point about liberty and letting people choose. Parents, even low-income and minority parents, are people whose individual integrity ought to be respected, even by progressives. Parents know the score and they realize that better schools are their kids' only chance at a better life. It takes more than a boost in the minimum wage.


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