Friday, January 09, 2015

World peace

Bloodthirsty primitives around the world have a way of hogging the news. But many of you have seen this YouTube and it does help. Watch it often.

I read Joshua Greene's Moral Tribes last year and will do so again after hearing him discuss his work with Russ Roberts.  Greene ends the conversation on an optimistic note.  Agreeing with Steven Pinker, that humans are becoming better and less violent and less nasty towards "the other", he concludes that humanity is slowly cobbling a meta-morality whereby we extend civility to an ever wider circle -- beyond the family, clan, tribe, etc. I think the data are on his side. As usual, there are very many ruts along the way.

Peace is a "cooperation problem," Greene writes. We have evolved moralities to gain the benefits of being peaceable. A meta-morality (world peace) would be even better.