Monday, June 24, 2019


There are many possible futures we hope are not in our future. Nuclear war, meteor colliding with Earth, infectious diseases that we cannot stop, many others.  The consoling thought is that (for all we know) the odds of a bad outcome are low. But here is a scary future that is by no means low-odds: is crony capitalism inevitable?

The widespread acceptance of "green" policies (accompanied by the constant bleating that climate armageddon is inevitable) is a case in point. Here is Matt Ridley. Does Bjorn Lomborg appear on school syllabi except in isolated cases?

As the wise Bruce Yandle showed us, when bootleggers and the baptists hold hands, we are in trouble. I just started reading George Will's new book. He gives up on today's Republican Party as being sensible on this (or other) issue(s).

What to do? A Constitutional convention is unlikely.  Executive of legislative action is, by definition, unlikely. That leaves the courts. This morning's WSJ editorial on the court suggests that a new seemingly originalist court is finding its legs.  Perhaps there is an antidote to ever more cronyism. Perhaps.


Bjorn Lomborg interviewed by Russ Roberts.