Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Road diets

It's clear that most people like their cars. But it is also true that many people like to complain about cars and traffic. Some of the confusion comes from the fact that the auto-highway system is poorly managed.  Access and parking ought to be priced. But many planners see pricing as exotic and/or nefarious. Bob Poole's latest book is a great reference.  These are policy failures even though textbooks still call congestion a market failure.

The latest in a long list and variety of policy mis-steps in the transportation field involves "road diets."  There is nothing exotic or arcane here. Take lanes from normal traffic (in the interests of cyclists or just plain anti-auto animus) and first responders cannot get through. And people die. Nothing says policy failure more than needless death.

Look at the HBO Chernobyl history. Or look here. Needless death from politically inspired incompetence. Thirty (perhaps more) people died.  We will kill many more with our road diets.


From the anti-auto hysterics.