Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Majority for Bill of Rights

 The U.S. Bill of Rights is glorious and is supposed to protect us from majority rule. But the Founders did not know about social media and how it would incite populism. We now have populism of the right and the left. 

Populists do “reach across the aisle” to go after “big tech.” 

My wish in any election is for divided government.

We also hear that the TV debates are (should be) the occasion for the candidates to state their positions. Not even close. They simply launch tested one-liners that do more to obfuscate than inform. The goal is a “gotcha” line and a populist majority.

On the bright side, there will soon be an originalist majority on the Supreme Court, courtesy of the populist-in-chief.

Ironic, perhaps. But what better way to revive and fortify the Bill of Rights when we most need it?