Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Updating two recent blogs,

(i) David Sucher writes that my take on global warming and the Copenhagen Consensus was wide of the mark. The concern was more with the proposed antidotes than with the actual problem. The Economist wrote on April 29, 2004, "Policies to deal with global warming do not produce the short-term gains of many other development policies." Thank you, David.

(ii) The LA Mayor's votes are in and all of the reports of Antonio Villaraigosa's win are incomplete. The winner apparently received 261,000 votes vs the incumbent's 184,000. The LA Times reoports that of the City's 3.8 million, only 1.4 million are registered to vote. Of these, the winner received 18.6% while the incumbent came in with 13.1%. More than 68% of those registered stayed away. All of this in a City where approximately 1.9 million are eligible to vote (over 18 and citizens). The proportions, then, were more like 13.7 % for the winner, 9.7% for the looser and 75% for "whatever".

In any case, the morning after is no time to parade on anyone's reign.