Monday, August 22, 2005

Public service

Now that the California redistricting initiative (Proposition 77, which would take that authority from the politicians) is back on the Fall ballot, a momentous battle is underway. Dan Walters explains.

It's the Governator in his favorite posture, in an uphill fight, up against politicians from both political parties who are not gridlocked on this one, having joined hands to save their jobs. And they are supported by almost any lobby in sight. The left-leaning ones have been the most outraged, some expressing the fear that this will "hurt the working man."

When the re-election of California legislature incumbents hits 100% while the approval ratings of the same people hovers between 20% and 30%, disenfranchisement by high-tech redistricting is suspect.

For the next few weeks, there will be a great stretching sound heard from around the state as partisans invent story lines to protect their fiefdoms.

And they love to refer to it as "public service."