Thursday, November 08, 2007

Bet on David over Goliath

Will it be A-380-Super-Jumbo-type air travel or will it be private planes and air taxis? Some of each, it is safe to say. But this morning's LA Times includes "Private planes to fly at public prices ... Flying in a private jet has been typicallty reserved for the privileged few who can easily drop $20,000 for a weekend ski trip to Aspen, Colo. But two Santa Monica High School graduates are starting a no-frills 'air taxi' service that could allow more people to join the jet set."

Private cars, once a "play thing of the rich," became inexpensive enough to be the mode of choice for most people. It is hard to resist the analogy of public transit to today's airlines. Most people now travel in large groups and experience all of the associated pain. But they will only do so as long as more personal conveyances are priced out of reach. But that will change. It is already starting to.

Sounds like David vs. Goliath. Personal transportation is best. And smaller groups are better than larger groups -- let alone super-jumbo crowds. So bet on the two guys fron Santa Monica High over the Airbus consortium.